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NPXPro is the best Accounting and Billing Software for cable TV operators, broadband networks, LCO, MSO, and Cable Operator India. The Software is developed and provides by Emco Concept and Skylab Group respectively.

NPXPro Cable billing Software provides automatic balance, send SMS message to customers on receipt of monthly subscription fee, print receipt via Bluetooth printer and supports scanning of setup box number, card number (CA), STB number.
It has been designed with user experience and developed with most useful features to manage cable TV subscriber and packages.
Local Cable operator and MSO’s need Accounting & Billing Software to manage their day to day accounting with cable Subscriber profile to receive monthly subscription.
Maintaining subscriber details manually is difficult for cable operators. They also need real-time collection tracking and monitoring subscriber’s dues details regularly. NPXPro Cable Billing Software helps cable operator to deliver quick billing at subscriber door step and store all data for future requirement.
Local Cable Operator need to billing and calculate every subscriber according to their subscribed packages regularly on monthly basis. The basic problem is calculating previous dues and creating invoice is more difficult. NPXPro – the Cable Billing and Accounting Software makes it easy and convenient.
The Software automatically creates monthly bill for every subscriber according to their subscribed packages. It also calculates previous dues and current month subscription fees very intelligently and prepares an invoice for collection payment for every month. Cable operator can access customer dues report, collection report, and payment report from anywhere any time with any device like PC, Laptop, Mobile or Tab.
NPXPro Cable Billing Software helps to print receipt via Bluetooth printer at subscriber door step with Mobile Phone very easily.
NPXPro – Cable Accounting and Billing Software is designed with five virtual managers.

Business Manager

Easy Setup and Manage all your business information and Packages

Customer Manager

Create and Manage all your Subscriber with Set-Top-Box, CA and Area.

Accounts Manager

Create and Print Invoice, Collection Report compliance with GST Rules and Procedures.

Documents Manager

Get All your Documents Payments and Receipts, Print Money Receipt and more...

Print Manager

Print or Download your business information with PDF / XLS format

How NPXPro works?

  • STEP 1 # Create your business profile by sign up as an administrator for your Cable TV Billing and Accounting Software.
  • STEP 2 # Create Packages according your business plan and subscriber’s needs.
  • STEP 3 # Add your customers details with basic and required information like customer name, address, Mobile no, subscribed package and date of commencement.
  • STEP 4 # Cable operator or their collection agent collect subscription fees according to ready cable bill details, which is automatically prepared by NPXPro Billing Software and provide a receipt print with POS Thermal printer or Desktop printer.
  • STEP 5 # NPXPro automatically update all collection and dues reports and store it for future reference.

NPXPro has many special features to help Cable Operator to manage and maintenance and in built Cable Subscriber's Set-Top-Box wise Billing System Facility.
NPXPro is designed with mobile responsive nature, so user make Cable billing with any device PC, Laptop, Mobile, Tab - access from anywhere any time.
Find any customer statements with STB No., CA No., Customer Mobile No., Package or Area Name with this cable tv management software.
An optional Data Backup facility in USB Drive with cable TV accounting software in excel format is available to ensure best data security.
NPXPro Cable Billing Software generate and send SMS Send SMS to subscriber for Due Balance/Collected Amount/Greetings etc with instant SMS service.
NPXPro Billing Software is compliant with GST Rules and procedures, Create GST compliant invoices easily and get automated GST Return Documents if you required.

Start your billing and manage your cable business accounting with NPXPro Software. Strat free trial.

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